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Xamarin.Forms Twilio implementation

This project you can find at: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.Twilio Twilio created just for Android and iOS libs and not for Xamarin. So we need to create Bindings for Xamarin.Forms and native. First step: we need to create Android Binding Library(https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.Twilio/tree/master/Xamarin.Forms.Twilio.PoC/Xamarin.Android.Twilio.Client) and iOS Binding Library(https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.Twilio/tree/master/Xamarin.Forms.Twilio.PoC/Xamarin.iOS.Twilio.Client) in an Emptys Solution. We have to add the .aar/.jar file(to Jars folder to Android) and .a files (as native reference to iOS) […]