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Xamarin.Forms Runtime Permission Handling above Android 6.0

After Android 6.0, we have to using Runtime Persmissions. No more enaugth to create an Android.Manifest file. How can we correctly use it? Step 1: Android.Manifest file Still we have to create an Android.Manifest file, but a little bit otherwise. We have to use this way: https://developer.android.com/training/permissions/requesting#java. So, if we have used it so far as “uses-permission” before, from now we have to use it […]


Xamarin.Forms – Android – change the Theme at runtime

This project you can find at: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms—Change-Android-Theme-at-runtime In the .NET Standard/PCL Project we can’t say that, please change the Theme right now, because wehave to implement some platform specific implementation in the Android project. How can the two project communicate? Now, we will see another way, unlike the previous ones, we will use events, not dependency service. So, let’s create our event class in the […]