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Xamarin.Forms send and receive SMS

This project you can find it at: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.SendAndReceiveSMS We can easily send SMS from various platforms, but we can’t read SMSs so easily. Android: Receive SMS: In Android we can send and receive/read SMSs with just few line of code. We have to implement a BroadcastReceiver and gain permission in the AndroidManifest.xml. 1. AndroidManifest.xml(https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.SendAndReceiveSMS/blob/master/SendAndReceiveSMS/SendAndReceiveSMS.Android/Properties/AndroidManifest.xml): We have to gain permission to RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, SEND_SMS and WRITE_SMS. […]