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Xamarin.Android – Automatic ListView Height

We all use lists in our apps. But it doesn’t matter how it appears. Here now it’s not going to be about having a list and exposing it to a page and just going to be there, but there’s more of everything on a page and you don’t want to have a certain height and be able to scroll through a small area but be […]


Xamarin.Forms change ListView SelectedItemColor

This project you can find at: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeListviewSelectedColor We have to create a Custom Renderer for a ViewCell. So let’s create a class in the .NET Standard,/PCL Project: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeListviewSelectedColor/tree/master/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeLvSelectedColor/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeLvSelectedColor/CustomControl/ListViewCustomViewCell.cs/ We created a property for the SelectedItem’s color. Don’t forget: this enum is a cutom enum, we have to create it: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeListviewSelectedColor/blob/master/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeLvSelectedColor/Xamarin.Forms.ChangeLvSelectedColor/Helper/Enums.cs Let’s create the platform specific code. Android: we have to change the Android’s Theme at […]


Xamarin.Forms – ListView – CustomTextCell

This project, you can find at: https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.CustomControls We have to create some platforms specific code (custom NavigationPage Renderer), because in the base Xamarin.Forms code, we can’t find this implementation. So first step, we have to create a class in the .NET Standard/PCL project: CustomTextCell ( https://github.com/officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.CustomControls/blob/master/XamarinForms.CustomControls/XamarinForms.CustomControls/ListView/CustomTextCell.cs ). using Xamarin.Forms; namespace XamarinForms.CustomControls.ListView { public class CustomTextCell : TextCell { public static readonly BindableProperty TextFontSizeProperty = BindableProperty.Create(“TextFontSize”, […]