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Xamarin.Forms – Using MQTT and Azure IoT Hub

If you have an Azure IoT Hub, you may also need a mobile app. You can communicate with Azure IoT Hub just like a regular MQTT. First step: create a Xamarin.Forms application (but very important, you can use this snippet in any native project, just copy this to the platform’s project). Right click on the Standard Library and click on Manage NuGet Packages. Add the […]


Xamarin.Forms.AzureEasyTable NuGetPackage

With this Package, you can use the essential database functions with your Azure Easy Tables. You don’t have to write all of your Tables all functions, just create the Model of your Table with a string id and give it to the functions.What should we do?Step Zero: we must create an Azure Easy Table.First step: we have to download Xamarin.Azure.EasyTableFunctions this NuGetPackage.Than we must create […]