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Xamari.Forms how can we earn our local files?

Create a new demo.txt file, fill with something and save that. Save this file to the Desktop, if we need this, earn this easy. Open the Visual Studio and create a Xamarin.Forms portable project (named as: LocalFileSystem). The files are copied to the appropriate platforms as follows: UWP: Into the root, just pull it into the LocalFileSystem.UWP. Click on the file (demo.txt). If we don’t […]


Xamarin, Why?

What is Xamarin? Xamarin is a developer technology, which we can develop cross platform mobile applications (native). Why it is good? Let’s see, if we don’t develop natively, what do we need before we start developing? iOS: We need a macOS or OS X, which we can build our application. We need, if we develop iOS, Mac applications, to know the Objective-C or Swift language. Android: […]