Month: December 2020


Xamarin.MQTT NuGet Gallery | Xamarin.MQTT 1.0.0 Usage: I created two contructors of the MQTTConnection class. You can init this object with a specific MqttClientOptions and a string array of your topics, or with username, passowrd, a string array of your topics, servername, port and clientid. I created in the App.cs a static variable of the MQTTConnection class, so I can reach this object anywhere. […]



Xamarin.Forms.Save.Open.PDF/ at master · officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.Save.Open.PDF ( NuGet Package: Download this Package just in your Standard Library. Platform specific things: Android: In the AndroidManifest.xml file, you have to add theese lines: Create, if you don’t create yet, an “xml” folder into the “Resources” folder in the Android Project, and create an xml file, and call it: “provider_paths.xml”. The file should contain: Android ready, let’s go […]



officialdoniald/Xamarin.Forms.DynamicSize ( NuGet Package: NuGet Gallery | Xamarin.Forms.DynamicSize 1.0.0 What and when should this package be used? If you’re making a design plan and you only made it to one size and you gave everything a fixed size, so this little package is for you. This can dynamically increase the size no matter what resolution device you are running on. You don’t have to worry […]