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This Package implement the https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/xamarin-forms/enterprise-application-patterns/dependency-injection TinyIoC Container. => You can use DI in your code.

Naming convention is very important!!!

MVVM: You have to create the common folders: Model, View and ViewModel.

Model: Not nessessary to create this folder, but the nice thing would be to make a separate folder for UI models. If you want to Bind a model’s Property, you have to derive your model class from ExtendedBindableObject.

public class Profil : ExtendedBindableObject { 
private string _name;
public string Name { get { return _name; }
  _name = value;
  RaisePropertyChanged(() => Name);

If you change the Name Property Runtime, it will change on the UI too. (But first, we have to set up our ViewModel!)


  1. Create a Folder, name: ViewMdoel.
  2. Create a ViewModel, ViewModel.
  3. You have to derive your ViewModel from ViewModelBase.
  4. If you want to override the InitializeAsync mehthod, you can do it: public override async Task InitializeAsync(INavigation navigation, params object[] navigationData) { await base.InitializeAsync(navigation, navigationData); Navigation = navigation; }
  5. You can create Commands and Property for you UI.

View: Let’s create your xaml/UI!

  1. Paste two lines into your Page’s Code Behind:

BindingContext = new MainPageViewModel(); //You will set the BindingContext of the Page ((ViewModelBase)BindingContext).InitializeAsync(Navigation); // You have to call the InitializedAsync method of the ViewModel

  1. In the Xaml code, you have to paste this two lines into the Page’s Property section:

xmlns:viewModelBase=”clr-namespace:Xamarin.Forms.MVVM.ViewModel.Base;assembly=Xamarin.Forms.MVVM” viewModelBase:ViewModelLocator.AutoWireViewModel=”true”

  1. You can set the Bindings of the Page:

In the Demo.MVVM Project you can find some example, how can you use the MVVM, this NuGet, in you Xamarin.Forms Project. -ListView Binding -Label’s Text Binding -Button’s Command Binding (and CommandParameter Binding)